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Curly Star 2in1 Soft Conditioner 200ml

Aangeboden door Stylisimo Hairstudio

Product Kenmerken:

  • - Curly Star
  • - 2in1 Soft Conditioner 200ml



Curly Star 2in1 Soft Conditioner 200ml


Broccoli & Mango & Pineapple

CG approved kids softening conditioner for the whole family. Create memorable moments of curly joy.

This conditioner eases combing and helps detangle all curl types and textures. It is ideal for babies and kids of all ages.

How to use
This is a 2in1 product. Use as a rinse out or as a leave-in conditioner.
Massage into hair from scalp to tips. Rinse thoroughly with water or use as a leave-in and do not rinse out.

Free from
Sulphates-Parabens-Drying Alcohol-Silicones-Mineral Oils-Palm oil

Curls are the future and it all starts with having ouw young ones enjoy creating curly fun.

100% 100 CG proof

Ook te bestellen als Fragrance Free / No Parfum